Hawnuh Lee (Hannah Lee Cook) is a digital product designer / illustrator at the intersection of storytelling, sustainability + empathy. She believes in well built systems that enable positive change. Collaborative design processes drive her work and reinforce her belief that community driven design creates the most impactful solutions.

She runs the food media platform, Closed Loop Cooking, which focuses on helping folx reduce food waste and single use kitchen items through plant-based recipes, how-to’s, and conversations. She also hosts a zero-waste quarterly pop-up dinner, Scrap Supper, to further food education efforts in the PNW. 

Her slashes include illustrator / animator / pattern designer / anthropologist / researcher / color designer / community builder / chef / educator, just to name a few.

You can find a few of her other projects here, if you’re looking:
Ghost & Ruby
Pattern Per Diem