Anya Financial Planning


Empowering womxn to make sustainable financial decisions.


We need to talk about money.

Anya Financial Planning is setting the standard for womxn taking control of their finances. Led by licensed tax consultant, Bonnie Arnold, Anya is providing guidance and education to bridge the gap in trusted financial partners for womxn. 

The problem

So many traditional money-based platforms or financial services feel too impersonal and overwhelming to navigate. We needed Anya’s platform to speak to an under-represented market and feel like a trusted friend. How could we create accessibility and build trust around these important financial decisions?


Branding + Palette

We wanted to avoid the typical blues and greens you see on other money sites or platforms. I created a warm, vibrant palette with unexpected shades of pink and purple. By recontextualizing a unexpected palette we can start to change the narrative around money. 

We developed a logo based off of this palette and representative of moving forward. An elegant san serif elevates the brand and creates a memorable mark for all materials.


Inclusive language is a must for Anya. Creating an environment where all identifying womxn can feel supported begins with syntax. We were conscious to build this in from the beginning. 



Developing icons was an important task for the site. Too many abstract photos of people with pie charts can feel off-putting. I created some illustrative icons to offer another point of accessibility and feel friendly to the Anya audience.


The site

Ease of use around navigation was important. Fewer menu items ensures smooth client interfacing and users have a direct call to action to get started. A friendly face to associate with the brand and consistent areas that encourage users to learn ensures accessible interactions.